Application Process

Becoming the part the of Kids University International Network

Submission to the Corporate Manager of the completed Registration Form (available at Head Office) OR online submission

The Registered Applicant to attend presentation and to be briefed about The Digital School, KUI, proposed school location, school type (Primary, Middle etc.) and financial feasibility of the project.

The Registered Applicant to complete the Franchise Application Form and submit it to the Head Office along with a copy of his/her CNIC, two passport size photographs and non-refundable deposit of Rs.10,000.

The signing of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) along with a deposit of 50% of the license fee.

Site inspection by the Head Office Team, which includes all the inspection of the pre-requisite of the franchise school before the opening!

Signing of the Franchise Agreement & payment of the remaining 50% of the license fee after site inspection by KUI Team

Welcome to the fastest growing digital network of Pakistan!