How To Get Started


Apply Online

> Fill in your personal details
> Take an internet speed test
> Take a Grammar test
> Submit a 1-minute video introduction of yourself


Be Evaluated

Learntalk’s administration and senior teaching staff will then review your application in detail and get back to you as soon as we can as to whether or not we’d like you to proceed to the next step.


Get Online Training

> Download and Study our training manual.
> Watch training videos
> Have a final interview with our team of expert instructors and teach a demo class.


Start Teaching

Once you’ve finished the last steps of the process, you can now start opening schedules, so students can start booking lessons with you.

How To Get Started


Fast, stable internet

With a minimum speed of 3mbps,
both download and upload


Desktop PC or Laptop

Must be able to run the latest
Version of Google Chrome smoothly



With a noise cancelling
microphone for clear communication


High quality webcam

With a resolution of at least 640×480 pixels

You will be evaluated on a monthly basis by our QA team and may be promoted between brackets over time.


What is Kids University International?

Kids University International is an online learning service platform whose main focus is to provide quality education to the students aspiring for higher studies through IB, CAIE, IGCSE and BISE Pakistan.

How online learning works?

Students participating in the KUI program receive a high-quality, personalized education experience online. In online schooling serving grades K–12, the classroom is in the home or on the road, wherever an internet connection is available.

What are your initial criteria for selecting a Teacher?

You must be an A’ level education currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or have a completed Bachelor’s degree

You must have an internet connection with a speed of at least 1.0 MBPS +

You must have or be willing to purchase an Android tablet / or laptop / PC with good pixl quality camera

Why parents /students choose Kids University?

  • 100% one-on-one and group, online tutoring.
  • Highest quality of instruction
  • Live teaching / anytime anywhere learning
  • Dedicated teachers / Group session
  • No search for good teacher
  • Regular assessments
  • No traveling / doubt clear sessions
  • Save time and energy
  • Over 6000 amazing tutors from across the world ready to help whether you’re in K – K-12 students any time anywhere.
  • Recorded Sessions so you never have to forget what you learn
  • International approach

What salary do Teacher Partners receive?

Once selected, our Teacher Partners pay a one-time sign-up fee of Rs. 1000/- *(can be change any time) to come on board as a Teacher Partner. This includes our training and certification, world-class curriculum and technology. However, we do also provide monetary reward and incentives based on the Teacher’s performance.

So how much money will I be earning as a Teacher Partner?

Depending on the number of session our want to commit, they could be earning from Rs. 24, 800 up to Rs 162, 000 per month, if they decide to teach more students and dedicate sessions.

How can I get trained to use your services?

Once you sign-up we share our online training with you.

What is facilitation for students? How is it different from others?

At KUI (Kids University International), students never miss a class! Yes, you’ve heard it! Missing classes makes you lag behind and causes understanding gaps in the topics being taught in the next classes. We at KUI ensure that you don’t hang back. When you miss a class due to power cut or connectivity issues, you get to watch the class recordings and cover up for the part missed.

What do I do if my question has not been answered?

Please send us an email with your question(s) on [email protected] with the subject as “FAQ” and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why do you charge a registration fee from teacher?

Because of that trainer will also teach you for training and portal cost is to be paid, registration fee is necessary for all teachers.