Kids University International (KUI)
Online Tutoring Agreement 

I, in my role as a KUI teacher, represent, warrant and agree to the following terms and conditions:

• I guarantee that I can provide quality online face to face instruction / tutoring via KUI platform and that I am fully qualified to offer such services on the basis of my education, tutoring skills and / or work experience.
• I agree to work from home or any other location using my own computer with with HD camera and LAN-cable providing at least 3 mbps Internet connection to deliver my tutoring services.
• I agree that each lesson I conduct should be recorded on the KUI platform from start to finish for KUI Administration tracking, monitoring and remuneration purposes.
• I agree that KUI shall not be held liable for any cost directly or indirectly arising from, related to or associated with my use and upkeep of my computer, the Internet, video conferencing, hardware, software, or any other related means or materials related to delivery of my tutoring services.

• I understand that this is a contract service and that this agreement will not result in a full-time nor a part-time staff position nor will it constitute an employee-employer relationship with KUI.
• This contract will last for one month and will automatically be renewed on a rolling basis unless explicitly specified in writing by the Teacher or KUI.


• I understand that given the fluency, grammar level, teaching experience, and certification, teachers are designated as Language Tutors, Experienced Instructors, and Professional Teachers; with basic hourly rates of $3, $4 and $6 respectively (A class only lasts for 40 minutes).
• I agree that I will be compensated if a first-time student joins the 40-min. Free Trial class. I also agree that I will not be compensated for a free trial lesson if the student does not join the Free Trial class. The rate of a Free Trial class is $2.00 regardless of the teacher’s tier.
• I agree that if I accept an Open Booking class, I will be paid the equivalent rate of the student’s subscription, not my rate per lesson.

• I agree to use online teaching modules prepared by KUI only.
• I agree not to use KUI’s teaching modules outside of KUI online teaching school unless expressly authorized by KUI.
• I agree that KUI reserves the right to make changes to its website, its services and the terms and conditions that shall govern its services at any time, and I hereby fully accept these and any future terms and conditions.

• I agree to be fully prepared to conduct regular forty-minute (40-min.) video conferencing tutoring sessions for registered KUI students.
• I agree that the number of lessons I can conduct per day shall be based on an open teaching schedule I make available to KUI from which students can book a time slot. The open schedule can be offered as early as one month prior to a target tutoring date.
• I agree that I cannot cancel a scheduled lesson once it is booked, without incurring a penalty.

• I agree to add the key people relevant to my position on Skype and would properly communicate with them.
• I agree to acknowledge and answer messages, such as but not limited to SMS, Electronic mail, private message, or chat which need replies within 48 working hours from receipt thereof.
• I guarantee that I will always adhere to the highest moral, ethical, legal and professional standards of conduct through all means of communication with all of KUI students and users.
• Should I become privy to certain personal information of KUI students in the course of my tutorials, I will never use any personal information obtained through my work in KUI for any illegal or immoral purposes.
• I agree to hold confidential all personal and other information of KUI students.
• I agree not to contact any KUI student or user for any reasons outside my professional duties without prior written authorization from KUI. Should there be a violation of this policy, I understand that KUI reserves the right to terminate my services unilaterally.

• I agree to be subject to a Teacher Evaluation by KUI students and KUI Quality Assurance Team. I understand KUI reserves the right to terminate my services unilaterally should I consistently be rated poorly.
• I agree to have my lessons monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes.
• KUI will provide online training and conduct live training sessions for the teachers to equip us with the appropriate skills and techniques used in conducting online lessons.
• KUI will conduct regular standard lesson checks to ensure that the KUI teaching standards are met.

• I agree to always be on time for my scheduled classes. I agree that if I am 3 minutes late for my class, I will be considered absent and the class will be considered missed.
• I agree to the following KUI guidelines on cancellation of & missed classes:
1. If I cancel a booked Private/Group/Level Check/Open Booking/Free Trial class, I will incur 1 deduction equivalent to my rate per lesson and 1 strike on my KUI account. I agree that I will incur this penalty regardless of:
a. the number of days or hours I cancelled the booked class
b. the reason I cancelled the booked class
2. If I cancel an un-booked Private/Group/Level Check availability, I will incur no deduction and no strike on my KUI account. I agree that I will incur no deduction and no strike regardless of:
a. the number of days or hours I removed my availability
b. the reason I removed my availability
3. If I miss a booked Private/Group/Level Check/Free Trial class, I will incur 1deduction equivalent to my rate per lesson and 1 strike on my KUI account. Iagree that I will incur this penalty regardless of:
a. the reason I missed the booked class
4. If a student cancels a booked class with me within 24 hours before the scheduled class, I will be compensated for that class.
5. If a student cancels a booked class with me more than 24 hours before the scheduled class, I will not be compensated for that class.

Upon reaching 3 strikes on my KUI account, my KUI account will be locked to prevent further missed lessons and all of my remaining booked classes will automatically be transferred to other teachers. I will be paid based on the number of classes I serviced before my
suspension date. I agree to the account suspension protocol below:

a. 1st suspension – My account will be unlocked 1 week after the suspension date.
b. 2nd suspension – My account will be unlocked 1 month after the suspension date.
c. 3rd suspension – My account will be deactivated and my online tutoring agreement will automatically be cancelled.

• I understand that this agreement is non-exclusive and I am free to work for other employers while providing online tutoring services for KUI students.

• For the services I render, I agree that payouts are being conducted manually on 15th and end of each month at the rate according to the category I was assigned in for every successfully completed thirty-five minute (40-min) tutoring session.
• I agree to be paid through Bank Account, Paypal or Payoneer only.

• Both parties are entitled to the termination of this Agreement by written notice.
• KUI may terminate the contract of each teacher unilaterally with immediate effect.
• All KUI Teachers are required to give a 30-day prior notice in writing for their resignation to take effect, unless otherwise specified in writing by KUI management.
• During this time, they are required to continue teaching their scheduled classes however they may close out unbooked remaining availabilities on the platform.
• Prior to finally ending their contract, it is the teacher’s responsibility to have no more availabilities listed on the platform, beyond their date of termination. The teacher’s account will be deactivated on the termination date and all future booked class will be automatically

Failure to do any of the above points will result in the withholding of outstanding payments.

• KUI retains the right to terminate the services of a teacher unilaterally on the following grounds (although not limited to the following):

• Teaching or communicating directly to KUI students outside posted schedule
• Inappropriate moral behavior to students and other parties
• Three (3) counts of “strikes”
• Severe complaint from student
• Poor average student evaluation ratings and reviews
• Poor performance in internal quality assurance reviews
• Passing on student information to other parties
• Giving my personal information or asking for the student’s personal information for any personal gain such as asking for the student’s email address or phone number without any written consent from KUI Management and using this information to conduct classes outside of KUI
• Letting another person teach my class using my account without any written consent from KUI Operations
• Business reasons

• The agreement will take immediate effect on May 1, 2020.

I have read and I understand the policies, terms and conditions stated above thoroughly. I agree to sign to abide by the policies and provisions stated in this Agreement.